About Us

Bowland Outdoor Reared Pork, Beef and Lamb is an established family-run business based in the Forest of Bowland, a breathtaking Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) in North West England.

Our business is built on our core family values:

  • Quality
  • Service
  • Reliability
  • Consistency

Scroll down to find out more about how we got started, who we are, how we’ve adapted, coped successfully with change and how we care for our animals and the environment in which we live and work.

Our Story

We started the business in 1995, rearing pigs to sell to local markets. Things were going well until, like many rural businesses, we were affected by the Foot and Mouth crisis in 2001. Realising that we needed to diversify in order to keep the business going, we decided to butcher our own pigs to sell at local farmers’ markets which were becoming increasingly popular.

We soon outgrew our small converted butchery as demand for our meat products grew rapidly. So we took the decision to invest heavily in a state-of-the-art cutting plant. This enabled us to become licensed under the Food Standards Agency (FSA). This meant we could continue to supply both our existing customers as well as meeting demand from larger retailers.

As all the meat we supply comes direct from the farm we offer a premium product. We know the breeds of our livestock and take great pride in the way they are reared, hung on the bone, cut and packed.

Our Animals

We may have moved on in terms of new machinery and innovative products, but the way we rear and care for our animals hasn’t changed.

Our animals are well cared for and roam freely across more than 50 acres of lush farmland. They are fed on a wholesome diet and graze the pastures of the Forest of Bowland, ensuring excellent produce.

– Our Pigs

Our pigs are a Large White cross Landacre breed coming from our 40 strong herd of Landacre sows sired to a Large White Boar. Great care is taken in selective breeding and rearing only the finest animals. Once weaned at eight weeks of age, the piglets are reared extensively in outdoor straw bedded kennels, fed on a natural cereal based diet and organic cheese whey.

– Our Sheep

We have a small flock of Mule Ewes, producing Texal lambs. In the Forest of Bowland we have superb sheep rearing grass which shines through in the quality of the meat.

– Our Cattle

Our Bowland Beef comes mainly from our own Aberdeen Angus cross cattle which graze the pastures alongside our sheep. They are reared slowly in the traditional way, feeding mainly on lush grass with a cereal and hay diet throughout the winter.

The Team

We are a friendly, close knit and hardworking farming family and our family values impact every aspect of our business.

Aleisha and Ben (sister and brother team) take care of the general running of the business, whilst Tony (Dad) looks after the animal side of the business and attends farmers’ markets with help from Margaret (Mum).

We think we make a great team. We’re friendly and approachable so please don’t hesitate to get in touch to discuss your quality meat supply needs.

Caring for our Environment

Every day we look out over the fields and hills and tell ourselves how lucky we are to live and work in such a beautiful part of the country. That’s why we take great care to farm responsibly.

The Forest of Bowland is designated as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) and we aim to keep it that way.

  • Over the years we have planted over 1500 trees to help preserve the Forest of Bowland.
  • We entered land into the Environmental Stewardship Scheme which means that at certain times of the year we won’t graze the land with livestock when particular species of bird are nesting.
  • Our meat products travel fewer miles, equalling fewer emissions.